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Hat Upgrade



Day 60


Here is the advice I received from my doctor today:

1). My face is sunburnt due to photosenstivity, not flushing as I feared. Nothing unual.

2). Accutane does not cause Roseca; it is used to treat it

3). Alcohol is alright in moderation

4). He doesn't want to take me off the 80mg a day.

5). My red marks should be limited next month and the following month I should be perfect.

This man has never been wrong about my skin so I'll trust him. He predicted I would be clear by my two month appointment and he was right. I need to trust him more.

To deal with the sunburn I adopted a new regimen

Morning: after cleanser and moisturizer, I apply Neutragena Oil-Free 100 SPF. Throughout the day I continue to apply a sun stick of SPF 30.

Night: Instead of sunblock, I apply moisturizing aloe vera.

My face got burnt again today after walking outside for 5 minutes so I've also decided to upgrade from a ASU Sundevils hat to a Bailey's 7 inch rimed cowboy hat. I live in the southwest so I should be able to get away with it. It should block my cheeks better than the baseball cap had.

What does everyone else do to fight the sun?

Side effects: Chapped lips and sunburnt skin due to extreme photosensitivity.

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