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Day 47/ Seeing Changes... Clear Skin, Maybe?



I haven't had a pimple in 3 DAYS! Yayyy! I'm so happy. The pimples I was getting didn't hurt and weren't big... but it would be an annoying whitehead that would pop up on on my cheek and get larger throughout the day until it finally dried up and flaked off. It's amazing to see how fast the cell turnover is. I can literally see a pimple come and go in less than a day.

Today was the first day I've worn my hair in a ponytail in a long time. Although there are still numerous, visible hyperpigmented scars on my face, it's not the first thing I see when I look in the mirror. I can't wait for the scarring to lighten so I can have my face back... but until then, I hope this type of progress continues. I really hope the initial breakout phase is coming to a close.

I'm seeing a little sunshine at the end of the tunnel... I finally have HIGH HOPES!


Thanks... although I did get a small whitehead today... but it's almost gone. How are things coming along for you?

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Thanks... although I did get a small whitehead today... but it's almost gone. How are things coming along for you?
I'm glad one of us is progressing, so happy to hear of your good news.I think those couple of days i applied taz all over set me back. I got a couple of new pimples but they didn't last long, still very disappointing and there was some soreness. I can't wait to start my higher dosage of solodyn I'm sure that will help. I also believe my occassional cup of coffee needs to be eliminated I strongly feel it has an adverse effect. Keep your fingers crossed that as we come closer to the 12 weeks it only gets better. I'm thinking of calling my doc and asking for the .1 taz to see if that will give me the boost I need.

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My fingers are crossed.I think you may be right. Putting Taz on the healthy parts of your skin may be causing the breakout. It seems like it's going through the entire process like the rest of your skin. I wonder if you should stop using it on those areas or keep going until it clears up. hope it gets better. I'm still not in the clear, but I haven't had a breakout in almost a week. I've only been applying it to the breakout area so maybe that's why.

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