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52 days into Accutane



So i'm almost done with my 2nd month of accutane

and i can't really say that it gets better in the second month. I'm still breaking out i have 3 major cysts on my left cheek and 2 major cysts on my right cheek in addition to red marks due to previous acne. It sucks and i don't really know when i can stop breaking out and start seeing really good imporvements. Getting my blood tested next week and then to my derm appointment. I can't believe I'm gonna be in my third month and I'm still getting painful cysts. This is unbelievable people usually clear up at this time:S I'm so disappointed.really..

My derm said that I should be clear by the end of 3rd month but it doesnt seem like it.

but then again.. who knows what can happen in 1 month!

It's so frustrating and painful to look at the mirror..:S life sucks with acne we don't deserve it. no one does..

there's light at the end of the tunnel..

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i was like you but in my 3rd month maybe i=even 4th i satrted to seethe changes and i am soooo happy with my skin at the koments... its not perfect but its far better than it was so just keep at it and PLEASE dont stress that makes it worse... trust me I KNOW>....good luck!x..

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