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A bump in the road...



I'm afraid I've stumbled upon a small bump on my path to clear skin. I discovered today at work that I've got a lil' ol' bump gearing up to wreak havoc on my right jawline. I guess I must've jinxed myself yesterday by going on and on about how happy I was with my progress, how great my skin was looking, etc, etc. Thing were just going just a little too well, I suppose.

But! I think I know what might have caused the little guy to appear. I have layered hair and my hair in the front is shorter than in the back. So when I put my hair up in a ponytail or twist, I have short, face-framing layers that I have to tuck behind my ears. Weeelll, when I tuck said hair behind my ears, I tend to drag my fingers (and the hair) along my jawline a wee bit. So I think what may be happening is that I am unwittingly depositing oil from my hair and fingers onto my jaw where it sits and festers and shiZAM! a pimple is born.

I will be dutifully dousing it in BP tonight and hope that an early attack will prevent it from growing. It seemed to work on my other breakouts and they healed exceptionally fast so let's hope it works its magic again.

The Cetaphil is working well and once it's on all signs of dryness disappear. I honestly haven't had too much trouble with redness or dryness, but what little I have all but vanishes once I moisturize. I don't think I'm going to bother investing in the jojoba oil unless my skin starts to resemble a dry riverbed. (Or unless I find out the Cetaphil is responsible for the bump. Then I might need to find another moisture fix...)

In the meantime, I will watch what I say and try not be overly optimistic. :(



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