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Day 10 - Feb 2



YUCk! So Im on Day 10 of Doxy (which is just to hold me over till i get on Accutane) and i think im having the "initial breakout" OMG! it sucks.. I hate it.. Also, I notice that im not just getting white heads, im gettin these damn papules that seem to take forever to disapear.. I hate gettin ready in the morning cause that means i have to remove the overnight bandages, only to see they didnt disapear over night (even tho i know better, I still hope)

I dont want to be in public more than i have to and I am really trying to not worry about it. Oh I cant wait for the antibiotic to start showing results.. I mean, I do NOT want to go to hawaii like this.. I will not go!

N E ways.. Im just having a bad week, boy I hope next week is better.. I will try and post pics later this eve..

on a good note; however, the cyst that exsisted on either side of my jawline are nearly and i mean harldy exsisting..