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In the Beginning - Day 5 Doxy - Jan 27



Hello All

Well, it’s only taken me nearly two weeks after reading random posts on this site to finally subscribe and a few days following (today), I have decided to post and introduce myself.

I recently turned 28, I am a single mother and I work as a Sr. Accountant for a Telecommunications Company in Anchorage, AK. I am really trying to enjoy and love life, but I find myself so focused on my breakouts, and it is so damaging...

As a teenager, I had a pimple here and there, but overall extremely smooth skin. I never had to wear makeup... I want to be able to not wear makeup again!

I started noticing my back breaking out around 2005 and it has seemingly got worse... This past year in 2009, I've noticed my face breaking out with little whiteheads. This was mainly on my forehead and sometimes would get very bad, as I am very bad about picking... I started to see and esthetician in mid 2009, this seemed to clear my forehead; however I started getting acne around my chin. Because it is so expensive to see an esthetician, I stopped hoping to reduce my acne by maintaining a good regimen. I could not get the small under skin whiteheads to go away... Patches of them would just fester... GRRRRRR! So frustrating...

Then just recently I entered a great relationship (going on 4 months now) and we are totally in LOVE... Its wonderful; Due to the relationship I started taking YAZ, but a month into YAZ I started noticing cyst on my upper jaw line (thankfully my hair could cover them); In contrast to what they say, it did not help my acne.. On top of that the hormones made me have the worst mood swings, neither me nor my bf could stand it anymore, so I quit YAZ.

Just last month my bf surprised me with tickets to Hawaii (April 2010) and omg how exciting... I can’t wait... But wait, I have this horrible back acne that will not get better, my chin and jaw line has nothing compared to my back, how in the world can I go to Hawaii like this... I CANT... So, in December, I decided to make an appointment with a derm. I finally got in to see the derm just last Friday (Jan 22), woo hoo... I was so excited...

The derm said I was a perfect candidate for Accutane, however because I just stopped my BC two weeks prior, I had to wait another 30 days after starting a new form of BC.. I go to my OBGYN tomorrow (1/28) to see about getting an IUD w/o hormones, then when that all falls into place and after Hawaii; I will hopefully start Accutane... In the meantime the derm put me on Doxycycline and Neobenzine wash and cream.

My Regimen since Jan 22nd is:

Morning: wash with Neobenzine (face and back), apply cream to face and back, 100 mg Doxycycline

Evening: wash with a mild soap; apply cream to face and back, 100mg Doxycycline

I am currently on Day 5 of this regimen and so far so good... I get slight headaches after taking the Doxy, but it stays minimal. My back has made great improvement already and my two existing cysts on my upper jaw line have greatly subsided... I have great hopes for this medication and really hope to see great improvement and maybe not need Accutane for when I return from Hawaii... So far my only CON to this Regimen is that I can not tan and I am an avid tanner, but I would so much rather have clear milky white skin and spray tan before the Hawaii vacation...

Thank you all for took the time to read and comment... I really have enjoyed reading other posts and it is great to hear there are others out there just like me... The best of luck to all and here’s to healthy skin

PS - I will try to post pics to document my process... I have yet to get the courage to ask my bf to photo my back... i may try myself this eve... Good thing is its getting better...


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