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My clear skin log



Ok. Here goes..

Two weeks ago my skin was fine and clear. Then I noticed a large blackhead on my nose. I squeezed and fiddled with this, and now two weeks later, as things went on, I know have numerous pimples - large ugly ones - to deal with. I am embarrassed to go out, even to see my family. I must stop picking my skin, and this log is here to help me.

This morning I noticed that some of my pimples were clearing up and should be gone quite soon - touch wood. I did pop one new pimple, on my chin, but I restrained myself, used only Dan's method, and stopped once it was done. I have not touched my face since. Luckily school only starts in 6 days, so I can hide out until then, and hopefully stop picking my face.

I shall report tomorrow on how the rest of today went. I pick and average of 6 times each day. I will cut that down to 0