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Week 2...Woo hoo!



I know, I know...I did not write an entry yesterday and, for that, I am terribly sorry. But, I was out of town for the majority of the day and by the time it was all said and done I put off blogging and headed to bed instead. (a sentence ending worthy of Dr. Seuss, yes?) Anywho, so I am starting a new week rested and ready to go and very pleased with how my skin is looking.

Although I didn't write an entry yesterday, I did post pictures in my album so you can see how my face is clearing up. There is still a little cluster on my left jawline that is absolutely refusing to budge but they're fading by the day. I think there may be a little infection left in there because they're still a little raised. Hopefully, the BP will encourage the bacteria to scooch to the surface so I can be rid of them once and for all.

I also bought my new moisturizer yesterday...a giant bottle of Cetaphil! This morning was the first time that I applied it so we'll have to give it a few days to see if my skin approves. It feels great when you put it on! I'm so used to Neutrogena's moisturizer, which is pretty light, and I can really feel my skin taking a nice long drink when I apply the Cetaphil. Maybe it's the glycerin in it? Either way, I can definitely tell a difference right off between the two. Since my skin was starting to dry out a bit along the bottom of my face, it arrived just in time.

I treated myself to a scrub yesterday (St. Ive's Apricot Scrub) and then slapped on a Biore nose strip for about twenty minutes so my face really does feel refreshed and ready to face another long week. I know this is going to sound kinda weird, but I think it's so neat when you take of the pore strips and you can see all the little cylinders of oil that get pulled out of your nose. It's like something straight out of a biology class. Fantastic!

So, as you can probably tell, I'm feeling pretty good about my skin right now. I'm thinking that the true test of this regimen will come in a few weeks when it's that time of the month again. If I can survive that bump-free, then I know I've found a winner!


P.S. (still haven't figured out if this is proper blogging etiquette) I'm thinking about investing in the DermaNew Microdermabrasion Kit. I really want to start working on getting rid of my old acne marks/scars. Your thoughts? Please feel free to comment. (I'm starting to think maybe I'm talking to myself...which I do...just not in public places... so, yes, drop me line! :()


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