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day 22



So...when I blew my nose just now, it was all bloody. Gross. I have just started using a neti pot though, so I'm not sure, but that might be a contributing factor. Do those make you have bloody noses? It doesn't seem like they should. For those of you who don't know what a neti pot is and would like to be grossed out (or fascinated), a neti pot is something you use to pour warm salt water through your nasal passages. You stick it in one nostril, tip your head at a very precise angle, and the water comes out the other nostril, bringing with it anything that was in your nasal passages. So basically, you see more snot than you've ever seen in your life. I actually really enjoy this, and afterward, you can breathe! It's amazing.

Anyways, my skin is still doing well. I have some little dry, red patches on the backs of my hands and one little one on my arm. They're about the size of an eraser head. I'm just putting aquaphor on them and they're fine. My lips are always dry but I'm putting aquaphor on those too and it really helps. I have a tip - buy a key chain lip balm and keep it on your keys. That way whenever you leave your house, you'll never be stuck without it! I bought one that ended up being really gross lip balm, so I just scooped it all out of the little container and filled the container with aquaphor. So far it's been a complete life saver. :(