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In the scheme of things, it's going pretty well. The redness on my face has gone down tremendously since I started Accutane (probably because my skin actually has a chance to catch up and heal), and pimples are at a fair minimum. The texture of my skin is nice and smooth, too. Though the annoying little buggers have practically stopped showing up (you know, the gross ones that you wake up to in the morning with those shining white heads), the cystic ones still appear, but nothing to the extent of as before. Currently, I'm only dealing with three of them, all on my cheeks, but aren't the huge, face-deforming kind.

You know what I have noticed, though ? My skin is allot less oily. I mean, I expected it on my face, but my scalp is a bit dry, too. My skin used to be really oily up until a year or so ago, but with Accutane, I haven't hit the extreme dryness, right now it's pretty much perfect. I have to apply a tiny bit of lotion after I wash my face, but nothing too much more. But this brings me back to my other point: I used to have to wash my hair every day regardless, because if not it looked like a huge greaseball, and would then in turn make my face more oily. Now, I can easily go two or three days without washing my hair, only rinsing it. This is exciting ! The only problem is that my scalp often itches, but luckily I'm not dealing with dandruff. I figured the best way to treat it now is use moisturizing shampoos and a trustworthy leave-in conditioner (Paul Mitchell, you are my love.)

This dry lips thing is getting old fast, though.


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