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African American Female Accutane day 30



Skin type: Combination -Oily forehead, nose & chin and dry everywhere else (Until Tane & now just DRY-LOL)

Days on Accutane: 17

Trouble areas: mostly lower half of my face back and chest.

Vitamins/Supplements: Omega 3, FlaxSeed, Super B-Complex & Echinacea plus vitamin C

Water: At least 1 gallon daily

Face wash: CeraVe

Moisturizer: Cerave/ Shea Butter

Toner: None

My skin is almost looking normal. It's still darker than normal but that I can live with. Before It was ashen and had a little green LOL. My make up I used to used no longer an option. The natural line on my lips is gone too (I knew that was going to happen - friend warned me). Just so happy to be getting back to normal. Noticed things started looking better after I returned to working out. That and I decided to hang my head upside down for at least 5 minutes a day (my theory is more blood to the face the faster the healing). I'm quirky like that so it might just be all in my head. Either way I LIKE- I LIKE!!!

Tomorrow I go to the doctor. I'm going to ask him about all of the suppliments I'm taking, facials, LED lights, adult beverages, threading and henna. He is going to hate me!!! Oh well I reup tomorrow so I have to get online to try to find cheaper meds :( Good night.

PS I'm having my bags under my eyes - I'm thinking it might be sinus but I'll ask about it too. Anyone had this problem?


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