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Day 16



My nose is starting to do that thing where it seemingly overnight grew 1293809183-0128 blackheads. ew. I've never had blackheads, but of course from reading a zillion of these logs I know that is a sign that the 'tane is pushing all the gunk out of my skin. I The three cysts are still reducing in size, the two major ones that are on the left side of my face from before I started my course are starting to get dry and scaly too, but I'm thinking thats a good thing? I have also resisted the urge to pick and do little surgeries...touching/picking cysts is skin suicide, I already have some red, shallow scars from the few times I couldn't resist (my derm says the scars will definitely heal...I hope she's right). Anyway, besides that still happy about my lack of oil. Also my forehead is becoming soooooo smooth and the redness there is almost completely gone. I'm currently at my parents house to visit my baby bro before he leaves for the middle east, and my mom saw me this morning before my shower and looked at my face and said 'wow, you don't look like a burn victim anymore'. Thanks mom. You always know just what to say. But I'll take it!

Went out to my grandparents today and saw a lot of my cousins. I have a cousin on my dads side who is two years older than me, and I noticed that she was having SERIOUS acne problems too (actually, hers is worse than mine ever was). I felt so bad. Her mom had mentioned to her that I was on accutane, so we talked about it for a long time and I basically told her its probably the best thing she'd ever do for herself. The thing that sucks for her is that she is working part time and doing school part time and doesn't have insurance. I told her to look into her options anyway...who knows? I really thank god my parents have awesome insurance and that my script only costs me $10 a month. I am really, really lucky. I hope my cousin really can get hooked up, we talked a lot about how NO ONE understands how much acne freakin devastates you, and shes such a pretty and smart girl, she doesnt deserve to have her self esteem suffer so much. None of us do.

All I can think of is that soon its gonna be day 21...then day 30! Then dosage increase! then...clearer skin (I hope)! Well thats all for now, folks.



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