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Burn, baby, burn!



So...I had my first reaction to the Regimen last night. After applying my BP and giving it time to dry, I applied my Neutrogena moisturizer like usual. Weellll, my face started to burn!! Nothing too intense, but it was definitely uncomfortable. I thought maybe I didn't apply enough moisturizer so I put on more. But to no avail. And then! The skin around my lips started to burn! So I ran and grabbed some Noxema (I use Noxema anytime I burn myself so I figured it would help) and applied it. It cooled the burning sensation and in a few minutes all was well. But the whole incident has kind of made me a bit wary of the BP. I think what I'm going to do for the time being is only apply the BP at night. My skin is finally starting to get a bit dry and seeing as my skin is clear right now, I think I might be okay with just a once-a-day application. There's also the chance that it may have been my moisturizer causing the reaction so once I try the Cetaphil the problem might be solved.

The run to the Prescriptives counter today didn't quite work out as planned. I arrived at Macy's eager to be matched to my dream foundation and could not find the counter anywhere in the makeup section. I finally went up and asked one of the sales reps if she had any idea as to its whereabouts and she told me that Prescriptives was gone and Shiseido was now in its place. (the Prescriptives website said they weren't closing their counters until tomorrow) Poop! But...I had a back-up plan. (There was no way I was going to drive 45 minutes without one.) I had heard that Bobbi Brown's foundations are all yellow-based and well-reviewed (and I've been looking for a foundation that doesn't make me look like an orange or a tomato) so I trekked over to Saks and, after a lovely little makeover with the Bobbi Brown sales rep, I ended up purchasing Skin Foundation in Honey. At first I thought the shade was a bit dark, but now that I've been wearing it for the entire afternoon and well into the evening I think she was spot on. It really gives my face a nice healthy glow and I don't look pale or ashy. And I think it will still match my skin tone once summer rolls around and I have a tan again. It was a bit pricey; I think it was like $48. But its supposed to last for 24 months and I'm not planning to use it everday so I'm thinking of it as an investment. I'll keep you posted on how my skin reacts to it.

I'll try and post new pics tomorrow to show you how well my skin has cleared up. :(



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