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Week Three: Day Eighteen



Bwahaha! Happy Saturday to you all :(. I'm in a good mood today, well I would be except guess what? Apparently I'm a truant. Its so retarded! I get a 4.0 on my semester report card (plus I'm taking challenges classes for my grade like honors english and algebra 2) work my butt off to keep up in said classes, make three honorbands, and despite that when I'm a few days sick even though they are excused, I'm treated like some pothead who ditches all the time to smoke or something. Where's the flippin' justice in that?!?

Also my dad's been pissed off all day and I don't know why. We had a stressful morning but,..really??

He was talking to me like I was stupid while I was at the post office, he was saying how the check would never work because it was just a copy or something.

Me: Well excuse me for being fifteen.

That nearly made him snap. But really, I've never written a check in my life, how was I supposed to know? Talking to me like a mentally challenged college student, a teenager who currently has her monthly cycle issues that week, is just asking for a smart-ass comeback. Really. He always tells me to think before I talk but I wonder how things would be if he did what he advised me to do.

So anyways my skin is still getting better. Its been feeling pretty tight lately but it did at the beginning of week two as well, so I bet its just because I'm using more benzoyl peroxide now.

I've also sent in that CD for the emerson scholarship FINALLY (thats what made this morning stressful) so I'm glad thats over with. Now I have honorbands and possibly solo ensemble to practice for. Blaaaargh.

Superior-ly off topic: Theres a large black mean looking spider right above the window next to the table I wanna use to do my math homework on,.o.o Its annoying me >. <


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