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well i think my back is clearing up. the acne on the back of my arms is DEFINITELY BETTER! (i'm applying BP and clindamycin to them). My chest, unfortunately, does not like the clin that much, so I'm just applying moisturizer and spotting BP on the little pimples. My forehead is clearing, I'd say. I'd also say that my nose is clearing.

the main problem: my cheeks.

my cheeks don't really have acne, but scars. I'm going to try the lemon juice again to get some kind of progress. i do have two or three not-major pimples on each cheek, but BP will make them go down within the week.

Note : I did miss a night and the morning after my skins like WTF? so you have to remember to be consistent!

the regimen:


wash with regular face wash

exfoliate with regular scrub

apply honey mask

keep on for 5-10 minutes

rinse and dry

apply oil-free moisturizer to face, chest, back, and arms.

apply clindamycin to face, back, and arms.

spot BP on major pimples on face, back, chest, and arms.


wash regular.

rinse and dry.

apply moisturizer and clindamycin to face.

noncomodegenic make up.