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Almost a week!



Yay for Friday! I can't believe it's already been almost a week since I've started the Regimen.and this blog. I'm definitely not complaining, though. I'm not a big fan of winter and the sooner the warm weather gets here the better. The temperature should never be in the single digits. Ever. Nor should it have a little hyphen (-) in front of it. OR, even worse, have double digits with a hyphen in front of it! Madness.

Not too much to report on the face front. I coated my entire lower face with BP last night and this morning and still no redness/dryness. My face does get super tight after I apply it, but once I've moisturized, it's back to normal. My only complaint of the moment is that my nose could really use a Biore strip. I didn't use one last week because of the huge, honkin' bump on the side of my nose and even though it's been gone for a few days now, I wanted to give my skin plenty of time to heal. Those strips pull out EVERYTHING and I could just imagine how painful that process might feel on raw skin. Yeah. So I'm waiting. I'm playing it safe and waiting till Sunday, but my pores are gettin' kinda icky in the meantime. I have a comedone extractor but I don't like to use it because sometimes it backfires on you. In fact, I think the pimple on my nose may have been from an extraction gone bad. It's happened on my cheeks before, too, so I always try to be VERY careful when using it. The last thing I need more of is pimples.

Still trying to find out what product to use for post-acne marks. I talked with my Dad last night (he's an MD) and he suggested Retin-A. I tried that in high school, but for actual pimples, never to try and fade marks. He also suggested re-visiting my dermatologist who I haven't seen in, oh, 7-8 years? If this Regimen keeps up the good work, though,and puts a stop to my breakouts, I can actually focus on cleaning up post-acne damage instead of worrying about fighting current breakouts. But in the meantime, I'm just going to try and convince myself that they're not acne marks but rather large freckles. :(



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