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Know my skin a little



Hello My name is Diana and this is a quick intro with what Im suffering.

First I want to begin with I was a huge Proactive user for about 5 years and I've tried to leave it three times and now Im trying to leave it again. Honestly I want to leave proactive but everytime I try my skin breaks out horribly!

I havent had proactive for about 5 months now but I'm debating weather to go back to it again. I just honestly hate my skin! It hurts and is itchy and I have tried so much crap I'm getting pretty sick of it. When I bumped into this website I decided to join just to see how other people cope with it and so far I'm pretty motivated to continue my proactive free regime.

Im new here and hopefully I stay here for awhile cuz now I know there are alot more people that are suffering the same or even worse than me.