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Week Three: Day Seventeen



Sooo ITS FRIDAY!!!! I'm happy. Tomorrow's the farmers market! Of course I'm required to run three miles before then for training buut thats ok :(. And unfortunately I didn't conquer five miles today,..:(. The coach told me to run four again instead. :\ Guess I'm slower then I thought, or maybe he just didn't see me run yesterday because I conquered all the other newbies. (They run faster but they also stop to walk whereas I run the whole way!) I've noticed I kinda isolate myself,..I don't know if I do it on purpose or what but whenever I'm running with someone I'll always end up falling out or coughing and slowing down,,.and when they're behind me I speed up. I don't know why, but I didn't decide to do this to make friends anyways, I decided to do this to lose a bit of weight, improve my speed, and maintain good health. If I do end up making friends then that's a plus. I think it'll be easier once I get better. I like how everyone always says 'good job!' non sarcastically when they pass you even if you suck, though I guess they understand where I've come from maybe. Whatever.

My skin is doing better as usual ;). I'm finally up to a full fingers length of benzoyl peroxide! My skin felt tight but the Jojoba oil did its work and I didn't noticeably flake. ^.^

Stress is okay as long as I manage my time wisely and don't think about things that are suckish but out of my control. Well, I'm gonna go do the Regimen now ;)