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my story



Alright so ts Friday 3:22 P.m. on the 29th of januray and im ready for a fucking change in my skin. My skin is alright i guess i get what i hear some people call it hormonal acne around the mouth the chin jawline area's. My problem is mostly whiteheads, which drive me fuckin nuts with out a doubt always having to push one out or slowly let it heal while always worrying when my next break out will be one here one there. It sucks it really sucks dealing with acne i mean gosh when i see people with just fresh clean skin eating greasy burgers, never working out, never cleaning their face like at night or in the morning or after sweating i just dont seem to understand it. I started really noticing a difference in my skin my sophmore year in basketball all around my chin little zits were appearing here and there then came junior year prom, football, girls, you know and little pumps appeared day and day which really just sucked i started off using pro active fuck that shit sell us something when u actually wanna help someone's life out, then i went to this clean and clear stuff which i can remember really tried out my skin. well anyway it always troubled me to have acne always, you know confidence and all it really crushs that like a rollie pollie under your shoe, I hate it, i felt so happy without acne without it im very happy, but when i break out its pretty depressing, I moved on i gave up on some products when i met this girl it was weird i fell in love with her yes but i always had to get rid of those zits before i saw her, slowly but magically we got closer and my face seemed to inprove as well i get pretty tan in the summer and had a job outsite all the time exposed to the sun, i started just washing with cold water and some lemon soap stuff everytime i went to the bathroom to just flush a little on my face, my skin got a lot better, Well after seeing a derm i hated their products they really dis colored my face and made it not feel healthy at all and i think your skin knows when it feels good inside, me and her broke up and my acne started to return all over my face little whiteheads, and red marks on where i usally get my acne, never really on my cheeks but just that hormonal stuff:( iv become so fed up with having look like this while other people just have amazing skin i always compare to now how luckly they are just to have nice skin i wish people apprecaited it more, i started using a very strict regimen on clearsil but no no that didnt work at all, i went to a facialist to get a facial i felt so gay but it really felt good to get everything out and clean, but my acne still existed i currently am now on her products which i have a cleanser, a exfoliate scrub with BP, a gentle masque, and some spf 15 lotion which i think works very well, and for a while their my skin was clear, very clear, and it was soft and felt so good but wat do you know it slowly crept back on me and now i still have that same acne :( idk what to do im so lost with it now thinking of all these things to change it and to make it better but nothings working from now on im strictly gonna try my best to figure this acne problem out. Im going to take whoever wants to work with me and follow me through this blog to see what works for me in which then i can help others and be glad too. Thank you for listening and i hope best for every acne suffer out their but its time to get this stuff over with and a new start on acne org:) :(


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