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Day 15



Woo! Halfway through the first month! So, for the last four or five days I've been pretty disenchanted with accutane, but I woke up this morning with my three remaining cysts decreased by more than half! Also, my skin is not oily AT ALL and I went the whole day yesterday without having to powder/touch up my makeup once (and I wore it for like ten hours straight). My skin's texture is also changing and becoming...dare I say...smooth?!?! Its getting to point (this is pathetic) where I am so pumped to pop my pill every night because its like yes! Here's to killing more and more of you evil zits and oil!!! I am very happy right now. My skin is FARRRRR from perfect or completely clear, but its on its way. Even though these cysts have been ridiculously stubborn since I started my course, they are finally decreasing, and I haven't had a new breakout at all this week. Awesome.

I also started using an oil cleanser. I know, that sounds like the worst thing ever for acne-prone skin, but I've been using it for about a week now and I can't believe how amazingly soft it makes my skin. I only use it at night, and I don't need to use a moisturizer when I use it (my skin has barely been dry, just my lips). Anyway, I picked up this cleanser at an all-organic makeup and skincare boutique that just opened conveniently underneath my apartment. The cleanser is actually formulated for acne prone skin. I was hesitant (hello, acne people basically see oil = the root of all evil) but I decided to give it a try when the girl who sold it to me told me she had also been on accutane and used it during her course to keep her dryness down (and her skin looked BEAUTIFUL) well, I'm a sucker for a good testimonial. You basically massage this blend of oil into your skin for about two minutes, then take a hot washcloth and drape it over your face until its room temp (repeat this step as many times as you want) then take the washcloth and gently remove all make up etc off the skin. Then splash on some cold water to seal the pores back up, and pat face dry. Its really been the most awesome thing, hasnt made me break out, and definitely hasn't made me oily. Plus it takes off ALL my makeup (even eye makeup) so I don't need to use a remover then a cleanser on top of that. If any of you are interested in what I'm using, you can visit

http://www.shop.exposedorganics.com/plain-jane-26.htm and order it for yourself. Its not uber expensive either, which is nice. God, you'd think I'm making commission off this or something ha. Anyway.

On my way home, seeing my baby brother (well, he's 19) before he leaves for Afghanistan (he is in the Marines) and meeting his girlfriend for the first time. Pretty excited! Well accutane party people, I wish all of you steady improvement !



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