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Accutane: Week 1



So week one is finished and I'm not noticing any major changes except for dry lips and a breakout on my lower left chin. I am hoping to get drier soon as I am still very oily! Even though I am still oily, I think today is the first day I dont feel AS oily (today is the 9th day, actually).

I also am on my second week of birth control- Loestrin 24. No crazy side effects except I get a headache every day pretty much after I take it!

So far so good. I will keep you all posted with weekly updates

:( Much love

Clarus- 40mg once a day

Using: Body Shops Vitamin E Oil, Cerave Moisturizing Face Wash and Moisturizing Cream, Aquophor for lips (waiting for my Dr. Dan's cortibalm!)

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I am on day 4 of Accutane looking for support from another user at about the same day in treatment. I am also having tremendously oily skin. I wonder what that means? Oh well, good luck and I will be following your blog. I haven't started a blog yet but plan on it.Here's to dreams of clear beautiful skin!!!!! :-

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