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Week Three: Day Sixteen



Woohoo. So I was comparing my last progress picture and my initial picture,..and there is definitely a difference. I love it. The regimen feels good too! I think my biggest thing I should improve in though would be the 10-12 hour time frame. My days are very long, begin at 6 and end at 10 or even 11, if I have trouble sleeping then later. So Its usually like 14 hours instead of 10-12. I just don't have time to comfortably take a shower in the morning unless I wanted to wake up earlier so I could eat too. Hopefully thats not too bad considering I'm still getting results and its hasn't been a full three weeks yet!

So I declined my entry for solo ensemble this year,..kind of had to, it was just too much stuff. Now I have one audition recording to finish up, an honorband (easiest one), then ALLSTATE (AOWIE! :(), and then sometime after that my track season starts!! I'll be super fit and stuff from running with fit people ;). I've improved so much in the past week and I didn't even go to practice Monday. But I'm gonna go every day even if its raining so when I have an appointment or something its not as big of a deal to miss a day :(. I've realized I'm really slow though. I mean I have better endurance but I think its BECAUSE I'm slow. So maybe I'll kick it up a notch in the beginning of the run or at least when I hit the freeway and keep it there. Maybe not tomorrow though,..I'm running an extra mile!! (The thought of conquering five miles makes me really happy)

And I've been getting very few emails lately. It bothers me. >:\ But maybe its for the best,..now I won't spend so much time on the computer and I may be able to catch up my brain to english and do my spanish hw ;).

Ahh. I love the feeling of improvement.

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So happy to see your progress!! your pics show major improvement! I only wish i had discovered the regemin when i was 15! I have been battling acne for 10 years and just came across this website a few months ago. I have been on the regimen 2 months now and my skin has never looked better! Keep it up..and best of luck, with your skin and your running!

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