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Moving on to "pimple prevention"



Alright, this entry is going to be a quickie 'cause I'm a little short on time. I"m making myself sit down and write, though, because I've been so good about blogging everyday and I know if I make an excuse once then I'll keep making them and that would be the end of this merry little trip....so, onto my face...

There's really not too much to report because, for the most part, I'm just in the process of waiting for old blemishes to heal. The two on my jaw are flat and barely noticeable and the only thing making my face look not so great is my post-acne marks. Oh, and I have noticed the first signs of dryness on my nose where I was putting the BP. Nothing major, though. And since my nose is a veritable oil field, I doubt it will last very long. No new pimples have popped up (hallelujah!) so now I can focus on "pimple prevention" instead of attacking new ones. It was such a great feeling washing my face this morning and being able to run my hands over my face with NO pain. My skin was so smooth and touchable and I didn't feel like I was running my hands over a crater. Very nice! Although now that I don't really have anywhere to spot treat, I just may resort to Dan's full-face BP application. I know I said yesterday that I don't like to use BP all over my lower face but since I don't have any active bumps to smother I think a general coating might be best way to prevent new breakouts. I'll give it a shot tonight and see what kind of reaction I have in the morning.

I'm almost out of my Neutrogena moisturizer so I think I'm going to pick up some Cetaphil over the weekend. I've heard good things about it (and it comes in a much bigger bottle) so I'm going to give it a shot and see what happens. Oh yeah, and remember what I had said about wanting to try a Prescriptives foundation? Well it turns out they are really really going out of business (it's not just a rumor) and the 31st is officially their last day in stores so guess who's going to make a last minute, mad dash to her local Prescriptives makeup counter? Yup. If anything, I just want to get ColorPrinted and give their foundation a try and if I like it I can always order it online (at least until their inventory runs out).

Okay, well I guess that wasn't such a short entry, but I type fast so it took quicker than it looks. :( Have a fantastic Friday...I know I will!



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