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Day 89 - Accutane



My face is still progressively, getting better.

I wanted to note that I mixed PONDS day skin creme (blue/white jar) with Acne.org's Jojoba oil.

I put A LOT together before I went to bed the past two nights and when I wake up my face looks so good from all the hydrating things. Both don't clog pores so there is nothing to worry about either.

I wouldn't say BOTH are necessary together but I found that VERY GENEROUSLY apply hydrating lotions and such really makes a difference when you wake up. I just wanted to share this with anyone on accutane or with dry skin.

On Feb 1st it will be the end of month three and the start of month four, can't wait!! I'm also on Ammnestine now, my pharmacy didn't have Claravis so I had to switch.