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Day 18



Wow, day 18 already. It's funny how time works - the time seems to take forever when it's actually happening, but then when you look back it doesn't seem like that long. If only the next 5 months would just fly by!

My skin is still fine. No breakouts. Sorry, I can't captivate you all with any amazing/disgusting popping stories. I haven't had a zit in quite a while. The thing that's really starting to bug me are my scars. Now that all the acne is gone, I can actually see how much of a toll it took on my skin. I just wish I could have gotten serious about my skin a LITTLE sooner, because now I have what look like permanent scars! Does anyone know the best treatment for them? From research, I think what I have are rolling and maybe boxcar scars. While the redness is continuing to fade, I still have all these indentations all over my cheeks, and it really bugs me. Will I just have to live with this forever? If anyone reading this has an experience to share about treating these types of scars, please share! And as far as side effects, I'm still not experiencing anything too dramatic. I have a couple dry patches on my forehead and on my hands, that's about it. I'm sure that when I get bumped up to 40 mg/day in a couple weeks this will change.

In other news, I had a bit of a freak out today. I've felt a lot more irritable than usual. It's a stupid roommate issue that I won't even get into. I'm a little worried that maybe I'm getting a little bit depressed. I've asked my friends to keep an eye on me now, so I guess that's good. At least the people around me know what's going on. And maybe today is just a bad day, and tomorrow will be ten times better. I hope.


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