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6 Weeks/ Halfway! Yay!



The good new is... I've survived 6 weeks so far. The bad news is... I don't believe the initial breakout period is over. Today, I have about 4 hard whiteheads on my face, but the trend has been; here one day and gone the next. The breakouts aren't really that bad to me because I've been breaking out since September 2009 and wasn't on any treatment at all and those pimples would hurt. The bumps that are appearing since using Tazorac are unsightly but don't hurt. I'm really looking forward to the next 3 weeks because in weeks 7-9, thats when most people say their breakout stops and their skin starts to look great.

My main problem right now is hyperpigmentation, which is a problem many blacks, asians and hispanics have due to the levels of melanin in our skin. During my visit at the derm tomorrow, I'm going to ask him about combination therapy with hydroquinone. I'll definitely let you know how my visit goes.

I'm still happy with the product and overall, my skin is better despite the minor pimples. What gives me hope is that this is a more long-term use product than many things I've researched about. I don't want a "quick-fix" so I hope going through this process pays off.

Until next time...