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DAY 15



heheheee my face felt pretty good today^.^. it was less red and barly any oil ! I didn't have to blot my face with tissue at all, nor was i shiny. But it might be due to the cold weather today it was snowing lol.

well i got my blood work done today and there going to fax it over to my derm .I 'm starting to feel good about accutane. This might be the answer i've been hoping for. I only have one new pimple on the bottom of my chin. kind of hurts when i touch it. I'm still waiting for the "IB" unless i had it alrdy o.o... or maybe i might be the lucky few that might not get one. That would be truly amazing since i always had bad luck lols

ALSO when i look at my nose in the mirror really closely my pores looks different. something about it like if its shrinking i think. between my two eyebrows , the middle part. it's always been red even before taking accutane so when ever i lift up my eyebrows it would stretch the sky iquess and makes it irritated. thats how sensitive my skin is =/. I hope accutane can make my skin more sturdy and have normal moisture.