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Yay, hormonal!! 8D



Dammit, I'm PMSing and it's showing on my face *3* Pissing me off!!!

So, I've been doing extra stuff to get rid of it asap (tuesday class was so hard to get through >w<).

I've gone back to drinking green tea, 2 cups a day!!!! I did a egg white mask last night. And tonight, I'm putting Vitamin C on my face :B

The acne I had on Tuesday pretty much dried up, which makes me happy :(

Oh, and I ate salmon for supper tonight!!!

Of course, I mostly broke out on my jawline, the right side. I got an uber pimple on my left that was sore since it didn't come to head, but it has and is now flat. And I was angry and thought "Grrr, why couldn't you be on my forehead instead?! I have bangs and I wear a hat, no one would see you!!"

And guess what happened... yep, 2 pimples formed on my forehead. I'm praying that I start menstruating soon, then my skin will stop breaking out D:

I wish I could be on birth control so it could help me with this, but I cannot afford it. Plus I don't wanna go to a doctors for it, more money!!!