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Well, where do i start?... Oh yea =D Cerave and intro and what not ^__^;;



Hello all who are reading this, :] and thanks in advance.

I have just officially joined this site, last night, but have know about it for about a week. Looked at some stuff, and i liked it very much at first ^__^

well I'll just say first of all.. im kind of bad at these blog things... most of mine i either completly forgot about, or i gave up on xD but i dont plan to here. if i do.. it'll be like... me finally making a main blog with links to all the sites i use, and such. but until then i'll try my utmost to post here as often as i can

so the topic is " Baby! My skin's so smoooth :( " lol... well i got that from Baby! The start shine bright... so no, i don not own that erm... " word rhytm" as in... it sounds similar, did mean that , but im not claiming owner ship of the original, just the corny little idea xD

and btw.. my skin in not so smooth. im here arnt i? :(

currently im trying Cerave hydrating cleanser and the lotion. my friend recommended it. i used to use clean and clear, but it worked well for me. but made my skin too dry, and the moisturizer clogged my pores :(

it may have been because it's a bit old. who knows. i liked it because it had spf in it... i may get to mix either a sunscreen in with the Cerave lotion or maybe look for another one that has spf in it and dose not clog my pores ;)

so.. i like Cerave a lot ;)

at first i didnt think it had cleaned my face that well, but i like it a lot, after using it a second time i saw the diff. in my skin. and i just got the lotion today, and i like it so far.. but when i first put it on it felt kinda weird :/ and i did not like that much. it may have been the brand new towel i had used to pat my fave dry, what with the lint an all. i'll see again in the morning if it's the lotion or the towel. heh but i'll try to post my results next time i am on :] but i still feel like im forgetting something =\ hmm what can it b-!!!!!!!!!!

:( ah crap... i forgot to get BP .. damn TT^TT well what ever lol laterz

P.S. ... i am aware of my typos.. some are deliberate.. some i may have forgotten to spell check.. my grammar is atrocious yea i know =C sorry in kinda-advance lol ;3

~ Tanishia


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