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Using jojoba oil as moisturizer



Ok so I had heard a lot about this oil here and also on makeupalley about how phenomenal it is. So I bought a 60 ml bottle for $25 Canadian. Yes, its quite expensive. Sadly this did not work at all for me. I applied only about 2-3 drops of it on my face but it only created an oily layer on my face and did not sink in at all. My skin is drier now because of benzamycin etc. but that day I was oily as hell because this just sat on top of my face the whole day. Interestingly, when I had a shower in the night and washed this thing off, I noticed my skin was much much drier and even flaking. I have read from other people that this controls the oil production and makes their skin drier. But I don't need my skin to be more dry than what it already is right now. This did not moisturize at all for me, only created an oily layer and did not sink in. I am going back to my Clean and Clear dual action moisturizer.

BTW I have read that some people actually can't tolerate plant oils, and it can be more irritating to their skin and I maybe one of them. Even so called natural lip balms irritate me, and are not moisturizing at all like a regular , petroleum, chapstick. BTW I also read that petroleum, mineral oil etc. are by-products of fossil fuels which is basically organic debris from million of years ago. But because it is such old organic matter, bacteria and microbes can't feed on it than natural oils made from fresh things. No wonder mineral oil is actually used as a baby oil since it is completely inert and resistant to bacterial growth.


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