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Day 45: And once more I allow boy complications in my life...



So my skin is looking all right...still some actives along jawline and on forehead, but SO much better than before!

Now for the topic above. I guess this journey does not have to be just about my skin but my everyday interactions.

At the end of october my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years and I broke up...It was emotionally rough and that is when I started breaking out again pretty badly. For the past 4 months I just haven't felt anything for any guys. Just no interest. It took me until a few weeks ago to really embrace my singleness and feel comfortable within myself. I really like that sense of empowerment in and of myself.

Now, OF COURSE it would just so happen that a really cool, sweet guy comes into my life. All the feelings I thought were on hold came out again. We are just getting to know eachother, having great conversations...nothing that would suggest a potential relationship. But OF COURSE my mind has already taken us way past the just friends stage.

I want to enjoy the NOW not the THEN. But again, I miss that connection I had with my exboyfriend and I just long for sweet kisses and hugs, handholding, understanding...I'm a very simple person. But I am complicating my life once more with BOYS gotta love them, but man they mess things up.

So of course here I am wondering if I'm being too overbearing, sending the wrong message...w/ev but I have myself convinced that nothing will happen, and that makes me want him even more! We have only known eachother a few weeks, so I shouldn't even be thinking like this!

If its just a silly little crush It'll blow off no prob, but I'll keep you updated if its more :(

we'll see.

I'm just glad I'm regaining confidence in my image. I still can't help but wonder how he sees me. Does he see my scars? The stubborn pimples? Or does he even really SEE me.

well, we'll see.