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DAY 13



sorry i haven't update my blog >.<. But i finally finished my first box of 10 days and i'm on the 2nd box with 7 left ;)

my skin been pretty dry. Glad my lips aint dry tho every morning i take a towel with warm water and exfoliate my lips :(.

my chin was soo dry and itchy so i put some cetaphil, and now i have alot of deep white heads =/

my face seems to be less oily tho! i hope it goes lower.

my mustache which is shaved is very itchy/irritated. Im put on some diproderm on it right now then go to sleep, hope it works. well in a few days i have to get my blood test done. hope it all goes well :(

Im on Claravis 40 MG taken daily once per day. I mostly take it with food at night and sometime during the weekend i'll take it in the morning.Well goodnite everyone time to snooze PEACE!