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Losing the battle...winning the war



Sad news, friends. As I sit here typing this entry, my BP is slowly drying on, yes, the same two pimples that sprang up yesterday. Unfortunately, Operation Annihilation was not a success. (although I guess it was a bit much to expect them to vanish overnight) And not only that, these are serious bumps. You know the kind. When it hurts when you just breath on them. Yeah...not fun. So I whipped out the bag of ice this evening and iced them for a good twenty minutes with minimal results. The swelling went down a smidge and I actually popped the one under my chin which released some of the pressure. But I can tell there's still stuff in there (which will hopefully have surfaced by tomorrow). (Now, before you go off about my trigger happy, pimple-poppin' methods, let me interject here that I only pop pimples that have a huge white head and open easily under minimal pressure. I don't force it...I learned the hard way and have the scars to prove it.)

Moving on...the rest of my face is looking pretty fantastic! The bump on my nose is gone and now I've just go to play the waiting game with the post-acne redness. My right cheek is completely bump free and smooth to the touch. Of course I have some red marks from recent flare-ups, but nothing new. My left cheek is...getting there. I still have the one healing on the front of my cheek and then the two clowns chillin' on the bottom of my face. But, again, no excessive redness or dryness from the BP so much happiness there. Regardless, I think I'm going to try and track down some jojoba oil over the weekend so I have something on hand should I end up getting a case of the flakies.

So, I did not get my miracle, but things are certainly looking up. My ultimate goal is to be able to get away with wearing no makeup or a just tinted moisturizer and not look like a puberty-wracked teenager. Looks like it could be a possibility!



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