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new consultation with ps scheduled



consultation scheduled with a new plastic surgeon. his operating times fit my school schedule a bit better, so that's a plus. but it is in too long to wait.... 6 weeks from this thursday. then the next day i shall schedule for the procedure, the office said that is workable. that gives me 6 weeks and 3 days, basically to the end of the school quarter (finals time - shit!) to clear my skin. Probably still unrealistic.

I want to clear my skin a. so it can be clear but primarily b. so pimples won't interfere with my scars, which I will have to wait about 2 weeks to close, scab, and fall off. then it's full focus on reducing scar appearance, which will be a year long effort in itself. Shitty. not to forget that i will have multiple small slits on my neck to deal with as well.

Iv only been getting a couple pimples here and there and was clearing up quite nicely with a little bio oil until I immediately broke out following a bad shave irritation/epidemic which is a real bummer. It has cleared on one cheek rather quickly, but broke out on the other cheek just as quick. I'm now taking Dan's advice to use a two blade shaver. My problem probably was that I used the same 3 blade for the longest time (week and half?)until it got blunt.... bad idea.

Did I mention how glad I am about finding this web community? It puts me on a mission to solve something and stay preoccupied.... a perfect balance between this and my tough time at school. In a sense it remedies the depression, but my mood has been extremely jumpy the past few days. however lately my twitching has increased a lot, which is a sign of my bad stress management and moodiness. It used startle my professors. now they are used to it. haha.


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