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I heart accutane... Day 40ish



If you are reading this and you are still sitting on the fence about going on accutane... please know that it is worth all the side effects..

I feel wonderful! Yes I have dry scalp... which I solved with coconut oil. Now I smell like the beach :( Even better- now I have TONS of volume and body and EVEN BETTER I only have to wash my hair every three or four days. That alone thrills me.

Yes my lips are dry... but so what? I just slather on the Vaseline before bed time and problem solved.

But best of all... I now get to stress about other things that matter like my kids reading levels at midterm and how on earth I am going to squeeze into a bikini in Las Vegas over Spring Break.

Gone are the worries about the oil dripping off my face 24 hours a day and if I should put on makeup before going to the grocery store. I am thrilled!!! Yes, I still have my battle wounds from the out of control acne I had three months ago (pre birth control) but my confidence is back and I am feeling good! :(

Zit count: 1 (but no new ones under the surface finally!)