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I lied.



I lied. I haven't come back on here more often as I had almost certainly promised to do. I am here now though, forgive me?

The news is..... nothing.

I don't really get any new acne, though the odd old cyst has re-appeared on my neck. It goes up and down as it pleases.

The main issue for me is that the cysts on my forehead and either side of my nose just won't clear. Nothing will. I'll keep going and let you guys know, but I really will just be popping back to say there's no change; at least for now. I am past the four month mark on a low dose, so I don't see this kicking in and killing them off. However, I like that my face doesn't hurt anymore and that I don't worry much about getting new marks or spots.

The first way to treat acne is to stop getting any new acne. Right? That seems to be happening, now i'll play the waiting game and hope these old ones fade away. Here we go.