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Day 23



I thougth it would be good to give a reflection on how my skin looks at the moment.

Last night was very stressfull again and I didn't get to sleep until four. BUT this was my final project for this semester, so that means an end to all the stress! Woohoo! :( Can't wait to have some free time again.

Anyways, I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror (which is really the first thing I do when I've jumped out of bed since I use the BP) and wauw! There was no redness and no new zits. Honestly, my face is healing!!

My nose and forehead are absolutely clear and have a really beautifull texture and colour. My left cheek is almost clear, apart from two zits that are slowly fading. There are no red areas on my left cheek. My chin hasn't had any new zits for a couple of days and the old scars begin to heal. My chin feels soft and I almost can't feel the scars anymore. The only problem area that is still left is my right cheek. But I'm not surprised, cause that area had always been the worsed. I can nothice thought that the cysts and the area of infection are smaller. It isn't a large red breakout anymore. I think the BP might get this clear in a couple of weeks.

I have a lot of energy today! I inmediatly went outside to go jogging after my breakfast. Feels really good and healthy! :(