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Week Two: Day 13//Superstition and Splintering Wood



Wow. I think my bad luck went BOOM.

See first of all its the thirteenth day I've been on the Regimen,

second of all its really rainy and my umbrella sucks so I opened it inside (accidentally mostly) a lot throughout the day.

Third of all I picked up a tails up penny off my driveway.

Guess what happened? The wooden bar in my closet splintered right in half, my clothes lost on the floor. I tried fixing it with duct tape,..but it bends so much I'd rather fold up all my clothes and put them on the floor of the closet then have to carefully take them off a hideously bent and silver rack everyday.

Also I got two new zits. Dang it!

But on the upside I didn't flake much today. Its kind of sucky having the oil shine and not being able to use an oil blotting sheet or whatever to get it off,...but you know, its all for the best. Shiny zit-free skin is better then dry zit-full skin. I'll get there.

Oh yeah, and a bit of info to make you all out there feel better about yourself:

Today in hockey (Gym class) I watched people running back and forth with the puck for quite some time. Then it was my turn. I ran and got that stick before anyone else, and had the first shot. Guess what? I went the wrong way. People kept shouting wrong way and I was like 'duur?' trying to figure out they were talking to me, so during my moment of relapse the other team stole the puck. We eventually scored anyways, no help from me. Yay indoor hockey. NOT. X-\

Also I've decided to start titling my entries to better sum them up since I tend to talk about more than my skin,..xP


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