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Happy Monday!



Happy Monday! I actually had a pretty good Monday today...which is not usually the case. Although I think this might be more due to the fact that I approach Mondays with an overwhelming sense of dread instead of the idea that Mondays are inherently terrible. It is, after all, just another day. And there are plenty of people who think the week starts on Sunday soo......so, anywho, I'm completely off topic.

Day 3 on the regimen and...I have a new pimple!! Soo not cool. Yup, smack dab on my left jawline and I feel a baby one creeping up underneath my chin. Again NOT cool! But, hey, what's success without a couple setbacks beforehand, right? I still can't complain of redness or dry skin so that's definitely a plus and the pimple on my right cheek that was healing is flat and well on it's way into zit history. Maybe the fact that I don't have red or flaky skin means I'm not putting on enough BP? Hmmm...I'll make sure to smear on an extra gob of goo tonight and check back in the morning. The bump on my nose is kinda gross and scabby right but I think I got all of the gunk out (please excuse my language).

One thing I did notice this morning when applying my makeup was that the BP makes it difficult to apply liquid foundation. The spots on my face where I applied it were a bit tacky so it was hard to spread my makeup evenly without it building up on those spots. I only use a liquid foundation as concealer and then use Makeup Forever's Duo Mat foundation for all over coverage. I know makeup's a big thing when you have acne and I'm still on my quest to find a foundation that provides medium/full coverage, matches my skin tone perfectly, and gives my exceedingly oily skin a matte finish for at least 8 hours. I think my next purchase is going to be a Prescriptive's foundation. I've heard pretty good things about them and I'd love to have a foundation that matches my skintone exactly.

Well, hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to report the complete and total annihilation of two offending pimples. Until then...



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