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My two cents:

Diagnosed with (diagnosed?) dysthymia sometime halfway through high school. That was four years ago. I took a light dose of Zoloft, finally weened off of it sometime last spring. That was a very bad idea, as I have been fighting unrelenting acne ever since. Now I'm on prescribed antibiotics: minocycline (Solodyn; goodbye liver), Duac and Defferin, on top of changing between washes (Neutrogena, to Basis, to Purpose.... to hell with neutrogena). I only thought I was in the clear until a few days ago when I broke out my worst yet on the cheeks and forhead. So what to do? They say patience is a virtue, but being enrolled in 18 credit hours for a school quarter (10 weeks) and depression has come back full force on top of that, i am anything but clear, both mentally and physically.

Being that the acne is systemic, may anyone suggest to me diets that might improve my skin clarity? I am currently avoiding all fried foods (except chinese, duh), eating much more fruits and avoiding high fructose corn syrup altogether (green tea is as radical as i get). I am also in the market to getting moles removed, all in highly visible places (take a guess where?). The plastic surgeon is an arse (cold and unresourceful) but he's been on the Chicago top doctors magazine cover, so good for him, and me (no names). That said, I am also kindly asking for advice on helping scars heal, and interested in knowing what sunscreen is best for avoiding discoloration? the procedures are likely to be 3 weeks from now, I have done the consultation. Clearing up before then as been a large, but unrealistic goal for me (however my appearances tend to change rapidly).

Given my recent bout of funk, I come to this website to become an active participant in improving my self esteem as well as ensuring/helping others who are battling with the same stupid issues, acne or other related. Thanks Dan for this wonderful idea. ...And any good suggestions for freckle lightening cream or removal procedures? (the list goes on).


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