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So i have been inconsistent with the usage of both. I know i have been saying i was gonna use AHA less but it is hard not to. Anyways. My pimple on the forehead went away but on sat i recently got 4 pimples. Two on right side, one on the left side and one on the chin. One of the pimples on right is already going away with spot treatment and the one on the chin. The other two are still there. I should be getting my period soon, either tomorrow or wed.

I have also noticed that more pores look bigger during this time. Has anyone else noticed this? Anyways I am just goin to use jojoba oil today and use AHA on tuesday and thursday.

Or so i will try. It is really hard.

Is it ok to use AHA at nite on the 4 pimples as spot treatment and also use my cetaphil and jojoba oil on the other areas without AHA?