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Day 21



finally 3 weeks into the regimen. i still have a few zits here and there and its probably because i ve been using the bp only for spot treating because of all the redness and dryness its been causing. things are okay for now. im not complaining. its not perfect but i can definitely live with this.


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Hee bubba!How is it going? Are you still on the regimen?
hello there! i actually stopped the regimen after the 4th week. i couldn't hang with all the dryness and oiliness so i started using biore warming anti-blackhead cream cleanser. it works great. i use to use it before but i never used a moisturizer after and it would make me break out. now i use a moisturizer immediately after i wash my face with the product. my face has cleared up significantly. now i'm just dealing with scars. gosh i hope i it clears in a few months.

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