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Full Circle



Day 50

Small whitehead on my beard; otherwise clear.

I had lunch with the ex-girlfriend today. As I’ve noted in past entries, my skin issues began when my girlfriend and I broke up. While the breakout was primarily about her, I still questioned myself. Was I not charming enough, funny enough, attractive enough, etc? My vanity and insecurities led me to a flawed dermatologist who advised me to use harsh chemicals on my face leading to my issues today. But it all began with the breakup.

We hadn’t seen eachother in 9 months; while most people would think this would be an awkward meeting, I needed it. The conversation was amiable but what was really important was what the conversation symbolized. My life had come full circle, making me appreciate the challenging journey I had been on and what I’ve learned from it.

Side effects: Chapped lips, slightly itchy skin, and red face.