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Week 1 down, Itchy Duac! :(



So I'm coming up on week 1 of my dermatologists regimine for me.

She has me doing the following:


Wash with Dove sensitive skin soap

put Duac on affected areas*

take 1 sulfamethoxazole (antibiotic)**

*use cetaphil cream if needed

**I'm really bad with taking pills and the antibiotic ones are huge so I have to cut it into fours to take it


wash with dove sensitive skin soap

put tazorac on affected areas*

take 1 sulfamethoxazole (antibiotic)

*use cetaphil cream if needed

I don't really have any "actives" I'm still learning the terms used on here :( But I am breaking out a little bit around where my glasses lie :( I've been cleaning my glasses daily so I don't know what else I can do for that.

My right side looks worse than my left side but I do notice the blemishes have gotten smaller which is good. But I have terrible scarring so dark spots all over my face :( not good

This week I should see even more progress because last week I was on my period and that's when my acne's the worst.

I'm tryin to stick with it, but it's really hard, my face hasn't looked this bad in a while ;)

Oh I forgot one thing, my face itches my crazy!! ;) I think the Duac itchs more than the Tazorac but I'm trying REALLY hard not to scratch my face ughh


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