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Day 32



First month done!

Not really a milestone i suppose, but felt important. Dermatologist told me that results aren't usually seen at this stage yet but that nothing seems out of the ordinary with my skin. She bumped me from 40mg to 60mg. Told me that i should see a flare up in the next two weeks due to the higher dosage but that after that i should start to see noticeable results.

So the only annoying thing is the lips still. I mean i thought i knew chapped lips before this medication but it really is quite awful. The dry face arms and legs aren't too bad. I have this lotion that i use daily to keep all that under control but if i miss putting on chapstick before sleep i wake up with lips so dry i peel them both off and go the day with raw ones. I have had the ocassional nosebleed but nothing major.

Small breakout on my forehead but what really bugs me is after popping them, they scabbed over and look real horrible and are healing slowly. scalp is slightly dry but my hair has always been dry so thats nothing new.

Now the thing that really is getting on my nerves... Doesn't 'really' relate to the medicine but rather the packaging. Okay so all of you that are on accutane know about the terrible double-reinforced single pill catridge that you have to claw and tear your way through every morning to get your one pill right? Well turns out these pills don't come in 60mg. So instead i got the same packaging.. but with 20mg pills. So now i have to do three every morning and believe me when i say my thumbs are raw from trying to get these things out haha.

Thats all i have for you guys thanks for reading ill update in a few weeks!


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