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Week 2



Today is the end of week 2 on Isotretinoin. I am still only on 40mg/day. I am having no problems thus far regarding headaches. My only real side effect is my lips are chapped. I never used to wear chapstick, so getting in the habit of applying it often has been a challenge for me. My skin is not dry and at times still feels a little oily. The only discomfort was some dryness and cracking in the cracks on the side of my nose. My skin has not had the horrific initial breakout that I have read happens (probably b/c I am not on the full dose) and in actuality, my skin is looking pretty darn good. Still a few pimples, but larger areas of clear skin than usual. I am really enjoying not having to scrub my face for 30 minutes morning and night. Now I just use cetaphill without water, wipe off with a washcloth and put on purpose lotion. Sooo much easier! I went all weekend not wearing makeup! I go back to the dermatologist in 2 weeks to see if they are going to up my dosage.