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Day 10



Day 10 already! I know, day 10 of 150, but still! Side effects still not too bad, lips arent even that crazy dry yet, but I bombard them preemptively with aquaphor whether they feel dry or not. Still tired all the time, especially after taking my dose. Oiliness has calmed down a bit, but still gross at the end of the day. I am however noticing the texture of my skin start to change, ever so slightly, for the better. I have no real cysts right now, but I do have about four under the skin bumps that cropped up but already feel like they are going away. And a scabby "regular pimple" under my nose that I'm pretty sure will be just a red mark in a few days. And of course, my awesome post-inflamation redness from all my zits of the past year and a half. I seriously have so many red spots that on places like my cheeks, they melt together and kind of look like rosacea. not ok. anyway, I don't think I'll have any huge major scars....maybe a couple of scarred pores here and there, but nothing serious. I also plan on having dermabrasion after my course (I know, you have to wait like 6 months after finishing to get it done, im hoping to ask for it as a christmas gift next year haha) unless I finish the 'tane and my skin just looks perfect again! which would be awesome. Its starting to look like I have normalish skin WITH makeup on (lets face it, you can COVER acne but makeup still wont give you that 'I have good skin' look. Just makes it less red/obvious) so that is a plus. I'm actually excited to get bumped to 60mg next month, since I am already noticing improvements in the first ten days on the 30mg. Ahhhh I know the wait will be worth it!



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