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Week Two: Day Twelve



I can't believe its already almost the end of week two. Well by decreasing the BP or by misfortune I broke out with a papule and a whitehead yesterday, but it was gone by the next morning! Then I have a bright shiny new inflamed zit a bit offset from my eye, but it should be gone soon too. I've also purchased the Trader Joe's Jojoba oil. I'm hoping it'll reduce tightness and flaking, and I might use some in my hair too. I've been looking at my skin in kind of unflattering light and becoming sort of depressed,..(its hard to see such progress in Week One only to have it reverse a bit) But I've done my best to deal with my emotions (by sighing and accepting them) and have taken the backpedaling as a sign its time to stop being gentle with the BP or at least up the dosage. I didn't realize its almost week three already,..and by then I should have a full finger's length. So I'm going to use two-thirds a finger length tonight and do my best to excersize patience. I know it'll work,..it already has been working,..haha, funny how accurate the week by week assessment of Dan was. Week Two: Clearness followed by breakouts, person considers other options. Or something like that. I'm sticking with the Regimen of course. I've also noticed my skin wrinkles easier when I smile or make faces. Maybe thats ust my imagination, after all I'm only 15, even with sun exposure and BP I shouldn't age THAT fast. Right? o.o Haha oh well. I made a choice. When track starts I'll be sure to do my research and get a non-comogenic (spelling?) sunscreen. For now money's real tight at my place, so I'll need to make due with what I have.


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