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Day 21



So, we've come to the end of week three allready. I must admit that I almost stopt with the BP. I just couldn't take it anymore. I felt so weird with all the flakes. It didn't mather how many moisterizer I put on, my face would stay dry. I never new your skin could even be that dry!

But, there is some stubborn part in me that told me to keep going on with the BP, even if my skin screamd out loud that it couldn't take it anymore.

I got some advice from bubba666 to get me some jojoba oil, so I just run to the first store I could find. It was pretty expensive, but I hope this will save me from all the extra moisterizer I put on. :( I wanted to put 6 drops into my moisterizer, but it turned out that the stupid bottle didn't 'drop' so I just had a hand full of oil! Oops ... But my face was still screaming for aid, so I just put it all over my face. What a relieve!

I just looked into the mirror and my spots are fading again. Woohoo!! I feel so happy. I think the jojoba oil will get rid of the flakes. I'm actually really positive about the regimen again.

I also thought that I should get rid of my 'stress-level'. I'm really busy with my study and it takes a lot of time and not-sleeping-a-lot to get it all done. And since I really love sleeping and need it for my health, the work gets me stressing a lot.

I decided that I should take more time for relaxing, even if the amount of work won't let me. So I started jogging this week. I feel pretty good about it!

And I'll quit drinking coffee (thought I didn't take more that one cup a day), quit eating chocolat (which is kind of difficult I guess ...) and quit eating to much sugar. Oh and pizza's. (Yeah, I know, it sounds like my eating pattern is really bad, but it's not. I'm just a student with not enough time and energy to do all the things I wanna do. But overall I'm eating all good stuff like fruit and vedgetables :()

So, tomorrow I'll start with my fourth week. And I find it time to make some progression!


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