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42 days into accutane



Ok so today i noticed a few new pimples. Not cysts but pimples which is good because the last thing i need right now is whiteheads that i could feel while im in class or while im working out.

I dunno why people don't feel with us that we're freakin SELF CONSCIOUS!NO we don't want to go shopping NO we don't want to go to the supermarket NO we don't want to go to bars and socialize with guys we can't get and drink and make our liver explode

PFFFT i'm sick of this. But it'll end soon i saw a girl on youtube today who has really bad acne but she was brave enough to post her accutane diary and she was very confident i loved that about her. it made me feel better that my acne isn't all that bad and maybe i have a good chance of clearing up hopefully

You know I believe everything happens for a reason and dealing with acne definitely made me a better person, it made me love people more, i started hanging out with all these random sweet people and really not giving a shit about image.i mean seriously maybe it's easier for me though because i'm new to this city and i don't know anyone so i walk down the street and i'm like wut the hell no one knows me and they won't prolly recognize me when i dont have acne lol.

Really enjoying the gym and working out i wanna look great in may when i go back home i keep imagining myself in a few months and that's prolly the only thing that keeps me going.

I know i talk a lot i even doubt anyone's reading this but thank you if u r because going thru accutane is a very emotional period of time and it's nice to know that you have people with you in this and even strangers whom i've never met, thank u!

My lips were so chapped 2day they bled!remembers guys, drink WATER even if ur not thirsty and LOTS AND LOTS of chapstick!moisturize and have faith!it can only get better!

a demain!